The 2014 Acme Oyster Eating Contest will be held on June 1st at the New Orleans Oyster Festival. About a dozen major league eaters will compete in this years event. Things get dirty at this MLE event with dozens of oysters being slurped down in a matter of minutes.

    In 2013 Sonya "The Black Widow" Thomas won with eating 24 dozen oysters. She didn't come close to her old record, but oysters last year were 20% bigger than they usually are. Our celebrity judges last year were Thomas Morstead and Jason Smith.

    Rules for the oyster tournament force contestants to use forks, not lift the shells to their mouth, and all oysters must be cleared from a tray before starting a new one. Come out and enjoy the fun this year!
    Who wouldn’t want to see the biggest oyster from our Louisiana Oyster Farms. Our Louisiana farmers have planted and nurtured their prize oyster for years just to be able to show it off at the Oyster Fest.

    The winner is judged for the oyster’s length, width and weight. The contestants oysters , AS WELL AS PAST WINNERS, will be displayed throughout the Festival under the Cultural Tent.
    The Art of Shucking is celebrated in this extremely competitive contest of skills. Local Shuckers will compete to see who can shuck the most, the cleanest and most appetizing oyster in just 2 minutes. These talented shuckers will throw down at the Festival to prove who just is the best shucker out there in the city. The winner last year was Gus Marshall of Desire Seafood & Oyster Bar at the Royal Sonesta Hotel. All three competitors shucked 18 Louisiana oysters in 2 minutes in the first round, and in the final round, Marshall won by shucking another 13 oysters in 1.5 minutes.

    So come out, join in on the fun and cheer on your favorite shucker! The contest will be held June 2nd during the New Orleans Oyster Festival.